What we do

Franchise & Supply Chain Management Solutions

Established Companies or startups require a strong supply chain management to expand their business without hassle. Whether it is from scratching a business plan to your management or engineering services. We have it all.

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Identify Talent


Mutual Development


Consistent Growth


Financial Goals


Empower Employees


Share Success

Whatever You Believe, You Can Achieve

At Ledocs we aim high. Our standard of operations is high and we are always willing take challenges. If you have the thirst to grow your business, we are here to provide total backend support. We have a coordinated team which ensures multiple services at once place, so that your SPOC ‘s number decreases which increases your efficiency.

  • We build Benchmarks
  • We do total Business Setup
  • We handle Business Operations & Maintenance
  • We ensure 100% complaince to Legal & Standards
  • We build Relationships that sustain
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Simple & Efficient

Our Expertise

We expertise from basics like developing initial business plan to total execution of business.

Our Vision

To provide impeccable services in business setup, operations and maintenance.

Our Presence

We are capable to handle projects across India & other countries across the world.









LeDocs is the Blueprint for Success

LeDocs empowers the entrepreneurs & investors in starting new ventures. LeDocs is the ultimate choice for secure and effective business dealings. With an aim to expand globally, we ensure professional transactions.

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Begin the-Quickest way!

Only those who take the risk, can find how far they can go!

Start Your Own Business

Start your own business from the list of our secure franchise models with ease. We provide step-by-step support for your successful business.

Own Business, Let Us Work

Don’t have time to handle your businesss. You can just invest and own it. We will take care of the rest of the management. It’s simple and easy.

Backend Support

Alreayd have a running business ? We are here to provide total supply chain management solutions to large scale companies across India & Abroad.

Encourage New Ventures

We are looking out for successful ventures

Unless you change the way you think and the way you act, you will always continue to live the life of hurdles. We have an open mind and are not afraid to take risks. We consistently explore the opportunities to grow.

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Secure Investment Plans

An easy option to grow your wealth

We help investors own their business. You can just invest, sit and monitor your business prosper. You do not need any day today interference or efforts. We help you grow your business, add new business models and grow consistently for ever.

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Building the Brand

Growing across the world

We are building a brand which is not only providing services across India but also across the world.  We have already have clients and also started the process of business registration in USA& Dubai.  We will be gradually moving to other countries as well.

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LeDocs is a secure platform for your business and investments to grow

Our dedicated Risk Management Team  ensures 100% safety of your business and investments