Why it is better to buy a franchise than starting your own business

Today’s generation is innovative, hardworking and loves to think out of the box. They are eager to become independent and earn a handsome amount thus they always strive for the new ways to meet their economic goals. Franchise is just one of the ways it gives them an opportunity to become the master of their own destiny.

Rather than starting a fresh, people always prefers to invest in a brand name already existing in the market this is where ‘franchise’ fit’s too well into the picture if you want to know why it is better to buy a franchise than starting your own business read on.

Less expensive

The amount of money require to start your own business is extraordinary high than the amount to buy a franchise. This is mainly due to the fact that the business owner has to spend a lot of amount on marketing and establishing a reputation of their business. It is difficult to estimate the total amount that needs to be spend on marketing, many a times the marketing cost can leave the business owner out of the luck and money within few months of starting the business. On the other hand most of the franchise comes with the advertising campaign and its cost is included in the franchise fee this way you always know what you are getting into and how costly it will be.


A franchise comes with a well established reputation among its consumers. There are number of departments looking after various issues such as accidents, labor demands and lawsuits. Reputation makes loyal customers it is a key feature lacking in an independent business model especially at the initial stage.


Establishing an independent business is challenging and comes with lots of hardship, due to franchisor’s experience a franchisee comes with immediate benefit. Their operating model is well tested multiple franchisees increases the purchasing power which eventually leads to more profit.

Its easier to buy a franchise

Getting a loan to start your own business can be a really tiresome as it is risky to deem on a business model that has not started yet. In contrast, a franchisee is considered as a part of successful business model that has minimum failure chances which means lenders will easily approve your loan but will also offer better terms and conditions.

There is no trial and error in buying a franchisee

While establishing a business there are number of good chances that you will have to go through number of trial and error, whether its figuring out the exact location for your office or store or how to market your product and services in the market. Unfortunately, some of the errors can become the leading cause of the failure of your business.

Looking at the present economy and ongoing trend it is better to invest in a franchise rather than taking a risk of starting your own business. You may choose to buy a franchisee of a product or services that fascinates you the most.

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